Biography -

In 3-Easy Steps…

First – Meet the Family!

Pictured on the left…First are the humans

  • Hubby Dan and
  • Wifey Lisa.

The 4-legged ‘kids’ from left to right are:

  • Chocolate Lab Burton
  • Black & white Dalmatian Pinky
  • Lounging Border Collie Zulu
  • Brown & white Dalmatian Rouge (Ru) and
  • On the far right is our sweet Belgian Tervuran Rylee.
Second – Check-Out Our Behind the Scene Photos

  • When our dogs want to share a sloppy kiss, it’s hard to say no.
  • Pictured to the left is Lisa and Pinky, her 16 year old Dalmatian.
  • Rather than pose for the camera, Pinky took advantage of the opportunity and showered her Mom with lots and lots and lots of kisses.
  • And then even more kisses!
  • Let’s just say a formal ‘pose’ never did occur, but instead we got some great candid shots that will be cherished for life.
  • Unfortunately, Pinky crossed the rainbow bridge about 6 months later.
  • Please feel free to read Pinky, Let’s Celebrate the Agility Journey.


Third – Read About Our Accomplishments

  • Lisa Selthofer has lived with dogs all of her life and founded the Spot On Agility family of dog business beginning with C Spot Run in the Chicagoland area in 1996 and Spot On AgilityPremier K9 Club in the Seattle area in 2004.
  • Lisa’s goal and passion has been to help dogs and their owners achieve fun and success in the sports of agility, obedience and rally. Renowned for her high energy, Lisa has a passion for developing great relationships between you and your dog and for helping you both to attain your personal goals.
  • What sets her apart is her extensive experience in teaching  humans and their canine partners alike.  Before starting Spot On Agility, Lisa spent over 20 years as a Corporate Trainer, Mentor and Coach for Fortune 100 Companies.  She went on to direct canine training programs for Argus Ranch, a 20 acre canine facility.  In 1999 she became an Agility Judge for the American Kennel Club and now judges dozens of shows annually throughout the USA.

Lisa uses positive, down to earth  training techniques that she tailors to the needs of your specific breed and type of dog.  Her own dogs have achieved National success and earned multiple agility championships and include:

•Dalmatian ADCH MACH2 Pinky CD who qualified for the AKC Invitationals in 2006 & 2007 and for the AKC Nationals in each year she actively competed  in Agility as well as the USDAA Nationals

•Dalmatian Ruby NA, NAJ
•Dalmatian Rouge OA
•A deaf Dalmatian puppy
•Border Collie, MACH Spot who consistently qualified for the AKC Nationals
•Border Collie Ch. Coal EA, OAJ,
•Border Collie Zulu
•Labrador MACH PAX Sadie
•Labrador Burton
•Belgian Tervuran CAN. CH Rylee.

Lisa has trained under Stacy Peardot-Goudy, Dana Pike, Rhonda Carter, Karen Holik and many more.

Lisa is a member of the Association of Pet Trainer (APDT).

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