Keeva’s Mardi Gras Adventure or ‘Zulu’ was an unexpected & welcome addition to our family!

Dan and I were judging in Monroe, Louisiana when I spotted this adorable 5.5 month old Border Collie on leash with someone. After complimenting him, she told me he was available and after spending some time with him and finding out about his background & history, I scooped him up, brought him over to Dan and announced “Honey, look what I found…and he needs a home!”

And so after spending 3 days with him, he flew home with us several days later.
Zulu is an amazing guy and sooooo sweet! He is a fanatic for the water and loves to work!

January 2012 – I love my little Monkey (a nickname from his Grandma Barbara)! He is so SWEET and such a happy and loving guy. My favorite time with him is in the mornings, just before I get out of bed. While I don’t have pictures (yet) of this, Zulu tends to sleep around my head and wakes me up with slow, loving little kisses on my cheek. When he’s done, he’ll put his head across my chest and with a deep sigh, he just stares at me with such loving eyes.
On the agility front, Zulu and I are working on mastering our weave poles. He loves to work and is very enthusiastic. Zulu’s been good for me and has helped me practice my toy-rewards, not something I’m a natural at…yet.
Look for more on Zulu as time goes on!

Check out Zulu’s photos below….