AKC Agility Natls 2012 – Pre-Competition

I’m attending the AKC Agility Nationals in Reno, NV as a spectator.

First impressions:

  • The facility is wonderful. Tons of seating, lots of crating space, 3-rings in the main area and the 4th ring nearby via walk through a short access tunnel.
  • Excellent vendors – of course one of my favorites is Max200 where I purchased a new chute!
  • Nice level surface.
  • Tons of bathroom space and no lines!
  • Everyone is so excited to be here and they seem to be having a fun time.
  • I love that workers are pre-assigned and there’s no yelling “We need workers….”
  • It’s easy to always find an AKC Rep to answer questions.
  • The electronic scoring is amazing. Exhibitors have a bar code card that gets scanned as they enter the ring and their scores are entered electronically. To check a score, exhibitors just have to scan their cards to find out their score and how they placed in the class.
  • For me, I get to visit with friends from across the country!
  • As always, the dogs are amazing.
  • The first day consists of a practice Excellent Standard course as well as a Time-to-Beat course where the winner of each class will earn an automatic buy into the finals.
  • Great hotels. We’re staying at The Nugget which has a ton of restaurants, good food at a very affordable price and of course the benefits of casino living, such as slot machines. I gave myself $20 and have a won $60 so far.

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