Class Exercise Oct 8, 2013

Class Exercise Oct 8, 2013

Here is an agility class course from last week for you to enjoy.

First, I want to acknowledge and thank Marco Giavoni since the sequence of obstacles 3-7 is directly from a video from one of his seminars. This sequence is a wonderful training challenge and well worth being the center of this course.

Before sharing the how’s of handling on this course, I’d love to hear how you would handle it.

Lisa Selthofer

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  1. Nigel Perry October 18, 2013 4:52 am  Reply

    I would start by being between no 2 & 3, in the gap. As soon as my dog has commited to no 3, do a fx to send her back over 4 into 5.

    Then hang back between 3, (4-6), again in the gap, be on the left hand side of 6, shout a right, and send her over 7-8, rear x behind 9.

    Btw, being disabled, with mobility issues, I try n do as much distance work as possible, but this is how I would run this part of the course.

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