OPEN Agility Practice

OPEN Agility Practice

To Sign-Up and Cost:

  1. sign-up (click the button below) and notify us of each date & time you plan to attend,
  2. If you have not yet provided a Release and Waiver Form for our file, please bring a signed form (required prior to participating)
  3. Cost is $10 for students, $15 for non-students
Other things to know:
  1. Please do NOT move the equipment
  2. Payment and Release & Waiver Forms may be placed in the BLACK BOX that says Spot On Agility
  3. Please clean up (food crumbs, wrappers, doggy accidents, etc.)
  4. Grab yourself a cup of coffee or some popcorn (it’s FREE!) and
  5. Have FUN, stay and relax!!!!

Days and Times Available (Please check our Calendar of Events for available OPEN Agility Practice):

What Is OPEN Agility Practice?

Looking for a friendly location that wants you to have access to agility equipment, sequences and courses to practice on?

If you said YES – then you’ve come to the right place!

Spot On Agility has created the innovative and affordable concept we call OPENAgility Practice.

  • Inexpensive at just either $10 or $15 per handler ($10 for students, $15 for non-students).
  • No limit on how many of your own dogs you may work.
  • Just like in a class environment or when practicing with your friends, participants will share the ring space and work together with other agility handlers to provide ample time and/or working area for each dog.
  • OPEN Agility Practice means you’re not necessarily limited to the traditional 1-hour time-slot other facilities use.
  • Our belief is that if everyone works together, we don’t have to be the dreaded clock-watchers! So, work together!
  • Of course if no one else is there, you get the entire ring to yourself!


The Advantages:

  • First, if everyone is working together, handlers are not necessarily limited to the old-fashioned ’1-hour’ time constraint. Yeah!
  • Second, handlers may work all of their own dogs (one at a time of course), so no more per-dog fee!
  • We understand that dog and/or handlers may not be able to constantly work for 1-hour straight. With OPEN Agility Practice you get breaks and time to breath!
  • Plus, you may have the opportunity to learn by watching the handling & training skills of others.
The Details Everyone Is Expected to Adhere To:
  • OPEN Agility Practice means that handlers will be expected to share the practice ring with others and to work together to further promote sportsmanship in Agility.
  • Handlers must be experienced and knowledgeable on all agility equipment they use.
  • Equipment may not be moved during open ring rental.
  • Out of courtesy to others, please refrain from using crumbly treats in the agility area and under no circumstances are greasy, messy, crumbly treats to be used on the equipment.
  • We take pride in our facility, therefore as a reminder, ALL handlers are expected to immediately clean-up ALL evidence of crumbs, dog messes, wrappers, etc. on the equipment, floor and immediate surrounding areas.
  • Spot On Agility and Paws-Abilities are committed to creating a positive and proactive environment for both dogs and handlers. Anyone utilizing the facility is expected to do the same.
  • Due to the City of Fife’s business regulations as well as Insurance limitations, only Spot On Agility personnel may conduct training of any type in the agility area. This includes one-on-one, private, individual and group lessons. Anyone found out of compliance will be fully responsible for any and all Fees, Citations, Legal Expenses and Penalties as they pertain to The City of Fife, our Insurance carrier, as well as rental fees to both Paws-Abilities, Spot On Agility and others.
  • If a handler is unable to follow the above rules, they may be asked to leave, charged a clean-up fee or banned from further facility use without a refund.
  • Aggressive and/or reactive dogs will not participate in Open Agility Practice. However, we will happily work with you to arrange private ring time, if available and appropriate.

Video of the agility area: YouTube Preview Image