Agility Training Classes

Agility builds confidence in dogs, promotes teamwork and bonding with their handler.  If your goal is to:

  • Experience a new way to have fun with your dog,
  • Solidifying the basic training you’ve already accomplished
Our Agility 4-Every-1 programs are perfect for you!!
Spot On Agility® offers an extensive selection of of Dog Agility Training Classes  for dogs 3 months old to forever-young!  No matter what size, age, character, breed or All-American type, your dog(s) are always welcome!

Details on our Agility Classes & Specialized Add-Ons:

  • Classes meet for 1-hour per week
  • For a total of 7-weeks
  • Includes group communication through a private Client List
  • Includes off-hour access to your instructor via e-mail
  • Includes Mentoring from an experienced Agility Competitor at select Agility Trials
  • Includes access to our private client website with class courses, lessons, hand-outs and more!
  • Cost is only $161.00 for 7 WEEKS (not the usual 6-weeks).
  • To view our class schedule and/or to register, go to our Calendar of Events page and click on the class of interest for details. NOTE: Don’t worry about start dates – our classes are designed to integrate you IMMEDIATELY (gone are the days of waiting for a class to start!).
  • Also checkout our Workshops, Seminars, OPEN Agility Practice and Fun Runs.
FYI – Join a class immediately (long gone are the days of waiting for a start date)! Register & participate immediately (we have several day and evening options), use the form below.

Puppy & Small Dog Agility Foundation Series - Prerequisite: Puppy has had all shots, is at least 3 months old and either has, or will soon be participating in an obedience class.

This class is geared for your puppy’s growing bones and learning mind.  Our curriculum includes positive training, basic obedience geared toward agility, introduction to base obstacles, preparation for agility handling skills and promotion of exceptional team interactions.

We use a fun (and safe) puppy playground to introduce your youngster to various surfaces, interactions and begin a foundation using ground work exercises that safely challenges and stimulates their body and brain while preparing for Beginner Agility Classes.

Beginner Agility Foundation Series - Prerequisite: Dog is over 4 months old, has successfully taken an obedience class and has either taken puppy agility or is mentally and physically ready to begin basic agility foundation which includes handling and obstacle training.

The Beginner Agility Series is geared for those who are just beginning in Agility (no experience necessary – we’ll show you how!) and want to have a great time with their canine friend.  This progressive foundation series covers positive training, review of basic obedience geared toward agility, teaching obstacle performance, an introduction to basic handling techniques as well as preparation for advanced skills.
This class will stimulate both dog and handler as you learn the fun game of Agility!


Pre-Competition Agility Series - Prerequisite: Dog is over 15 months old, has successfully taken an obedience class and our Beginner Agility Series.

The Pre-Competition Agility classes are geared for dogs who have had previous Agility training and are proficient on all equipment (contacts, jumps, tire, tunnel, chute, table, etc.) and are actively training their weave pole performance. These classes will begin to cover advanced obstacle performance, handling, sequencing, distance, reading an agility course, agility strategy and handling techniques.
Participation may be subject to an in-person pet interview to obtain instructor approval.


Competition Agility Series - Prerequisite: Dog is over 18 months old, has successfully taken an obedience class and our Beginner Agility or Pre-Competition Series.

The Competition Agility class is geared for dogs who are actively competing in Agility.  Class curriculum provides individualized coaching and problem solving as well as a continuation of exercises geared to solidify advanced obstacle performance, advanced handling techniques and teach competitive advantages specific to your dog.
The goal of this class is to challenge and strengthen current skills, pursue new agility methods when applicable and train in a manner which will prepare you for success when competing at an agility trial.
Participation may be subject to an in-person pet interview to obtain instructor approval.
Video of the indoor agility area: Coming soon!

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