Course Map & Analysis Membership

Finally, a resource that brings you REAL agility course maps with a written course analysis. We’ll share the reality of what worked…and what didn’t!

Your membership includes content specifically geared for ALL levels of agility handlers. Novice handlers receive clear direction, Open handlers are provided a suggested skill-set and Master handlers receive the specific details of the course.

Whether you’re looking for training challenges, unique or complex sequences, practice setups or agility class lessons, this membership is your unique opportunity to get the inside track from agility competitors who ran the course and the agility judges who designed them.

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2on2off Contact Training DVD

Thanks to our 2on2off Contact Training DVD, training the 2on2off contact performance has never been so simple, easy AND successful!

We’ll teach you to train amazingly consistent contacts AT HOME, with a minimal time commitment of JUST 6 minutes per day, and WITHOUT contact equipment during the majority of training!

This DVD was tested on pet owners who are not involved in agility as well as seasoned competitors – the results were AMAZING! One word our clients consistently used to describe our 2on2off Contact Training DVDmethod is that we have made 2on2off contact training EASY!

Push to the Back-Side Mini-Video Training

Training your dog to ‘Push’ to the back-side of a jump is a must on today’s modern agility courses.

Thanks to our 2-part mini-video series, you can quickly and easily train your dog this advanced technique with just treats and/or a toy and a single upright (post, bar-less jump, etc.). Once again, we’ve mastered the Agility Made Easyconcept and extended it to the Push-Back Made Easy

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Agility Planning Worksheet

Use our easy and clear, step-by-step worksheet to plan your agility training!

Understanding and planning your Criteria will save you time, prevent frustration and stream-line training from start to finish.

Thanks to our Agility Criteria Planning Made Easy concept, this 2-page guide will help you to achieve positive results.

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Personalized Coaching

Whether you’re in need of a training plan, continued foundation work, an agility overhaul or a solution to a specific problem, personalized Agility Coaching is a great way to achieve your goals!

For your convenience, coaching can be done in person, using video analysis, through Skype, conference calls and more!

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Best Kept Secret In Dog Training

This FREE product is a great resource and well-worth the read.

You DON’T have to be some big-named guru to be successful in dog agility!

You can train with minimal time and achieve maximum results as long as you know how to efficiently train the right behaviors! This FREE dog agility training ebook will get you started.

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Here’s just some of what we have planned in the future:
  • Table Training – Why it does need to be trained and an EASY way to do it!
  • Proofing, the 2nd Secret in Dog Training Series!
  • Front-Crosses – the Steps, Mechanics & Training Them
  • Rear-Crosses – the Steps, Mechanics & Training Them
  • and more! check back for additional topics