The SpotOnAgility website is an amazing dog agility resource that is divided into various community-based Memberships, each focusing on a different areas of interest.

At the core of our site is our FREE Content which includes unlimited general access to agility information and resources on the website.

Membership Communities

For those who have a particular interest, we provide various specialty communities for a low Membership fee. These specialty communities were created to be an on-going resource, are more in depth, content-rich and often interactive.

Agility Courses & Analysis -
Twice a month we’ll share analysis from an agility course run at a trial or a class course designed to challenge skills. Perfect for handlers looking to increase their agility skills as well as trainers looking for class exercises. Members Only Access.


Novice Resources-

New to agility or to the Novice level? These videos, ebooks, articles and other resources will help guide you! We tackle subjects like:

  • How to know when you’re ready to trial?
  • What to expect with your Novice dog.
  • Paper work guidance.
  • Video on measuring a dog (to determine or confirm which jump height your dog should be in)
  • How do I find agility trials?
  • What is an Agility Representative?
  • and much more!