2on2off Contact Training DVD™

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Spot On Agility® is proud to re-release this highly anticipated and popular dog agility 2on2off Contact Training DVD!

Having sold over 500 copies, this video has helped dog agility enthusiasts around the WORLD achieve amazing 2on2off Contacts.

Don’t delay, order now!

Agility DVD – $29.99

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  • “It’s so easy training dogs with Spot On Agility’s Contact Training DVD that anyone can have successful results, whether they be novice or masters level dog agility trainers,” shared Goudy. “I love how the dogs instantly understand the criteria and drive to the 2on2off position you are asking of them, making contact training very enjoyable.” - Stacy Peardot-Goudy, world renowned dog agility trainer, owner of C Spot Win Agility in LaPorte, Colorado and recent 2011 USDAA Steeplechase Champion with her dog Wally.
    • Hi Lisa, I’m the one who ordered the DVD in October that had the shipping problems.  Just want to let you know that once I got the DVD and started with my Rottie following your training method I only had two weeks to train before our next trial.  When we got to the trial she ran on Saturday and Sunday in novice standard.  I am happy to say she hit all of her contacts perfectly, came in first place both days in the 24” jump height and scored 100 on both days.  We now have our novice title and are looking forward to open class.  We had previously been struggling with her over-jumping the contacts and I tried a lot of methods with no good results.   I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and would highly recommend your DVD to anyone else in the same situation.  Thanks so much. - Carrol Scherrer  When we asked Carrol if we could share her testimony, here’s what she had to say:

  • Hi Lisa, I certainly have no objections to being put on your website.  I too am interested in helping novice agility competitors find solutions to their handling problems.  I am attaching a couple of pics of Lily and I.  I am planning to put them on my website, Facebook and our blog. Thanks again, - Carrol Scherrer

  • “Hi Lisa! Just reviewed your 2on2off DVD last night. I can’t wait to get started re-training my border collie! You gave alot of good training tips. Thanks so much for doing this for us.”  - Kat & Halo, Midland, TX

  • “Thanks to your 2on2off contact training, Sierra finally understood the position on the dog walk. I can’t believe how fast she get those last 7 QQ’s for her MACH3! Carrie is now stopping in competition and Tessa is driving to the contact (used to creep, always stopped)… This method works for all problems!!”  -  Angela, Emerald Hills, CA

  • “I am so excited about this (training) that I had a mini class on contacts for the little agility group I normally help with. I demonstrated the 2on2off and rapid feed method.  I gave my students your blog address and… They were as excited as I’ve been after seeing almost instant results with their dogs.”  -  Debbie & Grace, Indiana

  • “We’re living proof that your 2on-2off contact training works!”  - Lori & Luci, Washington State

  • “Started the 2on2off DVD training. What fun! We are only on day one but so excited about it!”   – Susan H.


  • “Hi there.  I got your dvd today!  Wow!  It’s cool!  It’s clear, concise and fun.  I really like the term micro-training to describe short training sessions.  Also, loved the frog at the end! Thanks!” – Jamie B. editor Pet Gazette and owner SmrtDog

  • “Hi Lisa, just wanted to tell you that I recently bought your 2020 contacts DVD and love it! Had trained a running contact with my young BC but he was not real comfortable with them – not “black and white” enough for him. Have had four friends borrow that DVD and I suspect they will be buying their own soon!” – Debbie B.

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