2on-2off Contact Training DVD™ – The Method

Rouge Loves Her 2on-2off Contacts!

Rouge Loves Her 2on-2off Contacts!

Want to know more about the method used in our 2on-2off Contact Training DVD?

Let’s start  with…

What we DON’T use:

  • A Target. Including target plates, lids, pre-placed treats or a magical X-that-marks-the-spot-thingy.
  • Hoops of any kind.
  • There are no gates, fencing or chutes to funnel the dog.
  • Actually, there are NO props, guides or dog-managing tools whatsoever!
  • That means no fading of training aides, less steps in the process and quicker results.
  • Yelling, high pitched voices, demanding, screaming and pleading are GONE!
  • Physical handler management. Also long-gone is jumping in front of the contact hoping the dog will stop, placing a hand in front of their face in an attempt to slow them down, invading their contact space to get their attention, as well as any other creative handler-management techniques.

Here’s what we DO use:

  • A training perch. I use a 6″ high, round tree stump, but you can use whatever else is lying around the house.
  • Treats…Yup, that’s it!
  • Spot On Agility® created the Agility 4-Every-1concept and without a doubt, this DVD promotes 2on2off Contact Training that is 4-Every-1!

Getting back to behavioral basics, we do have a few scientific tricks up our sleeve to help you be successful, like:

  • Good ‘ole fashioned understanding of “What’s in it for me” thinking…but from the dog’s point of view. Don’t worry, we’ve figured it all out and share these easy steps with you.
  • A clear and precise understanding of Criteria so we know exactly what to train the dog (again, from their point of view). We’ve got you covered on this item too and it’s EASY!
  • The use of Micro-Training so you only have to train in 1-minute increments. You guessed it, we’ll show you that as well!
  • The importance of treat placement (and the reinforcement message a dog receives…from their point of view). Of course we’ll share this simple and powerful “Ah, ha!” information with you!
  • A high value/high reward system for the dog. Remember, it’s all about “What’s in it for them!” You guessed it, we did the leg-work here too, so all you have to do is one simple thing.

End Result of Our 2on-2off Contact Training Made Easy Method:

  • Dogs are BEGGING to offer the 2on-2off Contact behavior.
  • Your dog knows “If I do the 2on-2off, I’ll love it because I get paid!”
  • Dog’s willingly takes responsibility for achieving the 2on-2off Contact Training performance – because they LIKE IT!
  • Independent Contacts – let your dog do the work and take pride in their accomplishment (yes, you read that right – your dog will be proud and happy!)
  • A fast, safe and confident 2on-2off Contact performance…that is EASY to train and EASY to maintain.

Training 2on-2off Contacts IS THAT EASY…Or at least it is using our method.

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